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England Immigration Guide

You can get free, confidential help from your local Citizens Advice on:

  • visa eligibility and applications – including advice on filling in forms (although they might not be able to fill in the form for you)
  • chasing up Home Office delays
  • getting replacement immigration documents
  • problems with coming to the UK or staying in the UK, eg applications for entry clearance, leave to enter, leave to remain or residence permits
  • becoming a British citizen (also known as ‘naturalisation’)

Your local Citizens Advice may also be able to help with more difficult issues – it depends whether they have an immigration specialist. Ask when you get in touch.

If your situation is more complicated

If your situation is more complicated, you might need to pay for specialist advice from a professional immigration adviser or solicitor. For example, if you’re applying for your family to join you in the UK or you’re separating from your partner.

Contact your local Citizens Advice for a recommendation – or you can search for an immigration adviser  or solicitor in your area yourself.

You need to make sure that an immigration specialist is registered with OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) before you ask for their advice.

US Citizenship Immigration Service Guide To Success

  1. The official website for USCIS is
  2. USCIS does not charge you a fee to download forms. Visit our Forms page to getfree forms and learn about filing fees. Downloading from our site ensures that you get current versions of forms. You can also call the toll-free USCIS Forms Request Line at 800-870-3676 or order forms by mail by following the instructions in English or Spanish.
  3. Read the form instructions before completing the form. Remember to fill in all required fields and submit any required documentation. Note: Do not send originals of supporting documents unless USCIS requests originals rather than copies.
  4. You must sign your form as required before sending it to USCIS.
  5. Before you sign any immigration form, make sure that you understand it and that the information on it is true and accurate.
  6. Never sign blank forms.
  7. USCIS requires you to pay a filing fee for most forms. Please see the list of feeson our website. Some people may be eligible for fee waivers.
  8. You can pay filing fees with a money order or certified check; you can also pay naturalization fees with a valid credit card.
  9. Make sure you get a receipt for any payment you make to an attorney, accredited representative or anyone else who helps you with your immigration case.
  10. Keep copies of all forms and other documents that you file with USCIS.


Top 3 Tips for After You File

  1. USCIS will mail you a receipt notice after we receive your application, petition or request. Make sure to keep the receipt for your records.
  2. Use the receipt number to track your case status online.
  3. If you have questions about your case, you can schedule an appointment to visit a USCIS office and speak with an officer, or you can call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TDD for the deaf and hard of hearing: 1-800-767-1833).

Immigration tips to visit Hong Kong

The following tips will help Hong Kong residents to prepare before departure and avoid difficulties while abroad.

Before departure:

  • Have ample validity on your travel document and obtain the necessary visas.
  • Purchase suitable travel insurance.
  • Inform family or friends of your contact details and itinerary.
  • Write down the details of emergency contact persons on your travel document.
  • Keep photocopies of your travel document.
  • Check the Outbound Travel Alert Information.
  • Use the Registration of Outbound Travel Information service.
  • Learn more about the local situation, e.g. weather, law and order, epidemic etc.

While travelling:

  • Keep in contact with family or friends.
  • Bring along valid travel documents/ identification documents, in case verification of identity is required.
  • Keep your travel document and personal belongings safe.
  • Attend to your personal safety and avoid crowded areas.
  • For emergency assistance, contact the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit of the Hong Kong Immigration Department (24-hour hotline: (852) 1868), Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in that country or the offices of the HKSAR Government in the Mainland.

How to Pass The US Citizenship Test

Pass The US Citizenship Test

If you are contemplating the application for US citizenship, known that part of the application process is passing the US Citizenship Test and Interview. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office will administer this test to all permanent residents (Green Card holders) applying for citizenship. Submitting all the required USCIS forms for the successful completion of this process is imperative.

Once the citizenship application (Form N-400) is processed, applicants will be notified of the date scheduled for them to attend a naturalization interview. The interview will be conducted at the local USCIS office nearest to the applicant’s location. At the USCIS interview, applicants should be prepared to answer questions regarding the N-400 citizenship application filed, as well as background questions. English language and civics sections will be part of the US citizenship test. Applicants are advised to review the history of the USA; citizenship can depend on it.

The US citizenship test includes 100 civics questions. Generally, applicants will be asked up to 10 questions from a list of 100 civics questions. In order to successfully pass the exam it will be necessary to answer at least six of ten random questions correctly.

The English language portion of the test has three parts: reading, writing, and speaking. An individual’s ability to speak basic English will be determined by the USCIS officer conducting the interview. Applicants will be required to read aloud one of three sentences correctly for the reading portion of the exam. Applicants will be required to write one out of three sentences correctly as well.

This easy-to-understand multi-language DVD will help you pass the US Citizenship Test and Interview. It will provide you with great preparation tools for the US Citizenship Test and Interview. Immigration to the United States is a long journey, so always put your best foot forward.


  • Subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean
  • Sections on becoming a US Citizen and the US Citizenship process
  • Answers to questions about US history and government
  • Preparation for tackling interview questions
  • Information on what to expect during the US Citizenship Test and Interview
  • An official USCIS practice interview
  • An overview of current government procedures and regulations
  • An easy-to-understand interactive study guide for US history, civics, and English writing